3 kids!?!

Chad (5), Brett (3), and Kaylie (almost 2)! God, are these our kids? We have been selected for these 3 kids. They have told us that they want to place them this week, but we have been given no timeline as of yet. We are hoping to bring them home on Friday night. Please pray for us to be patient in this process. Our caseworker has something like 30 families on her case load and Michael and I could dominate her with our excitement and anticipation alone. We have to remember that there are several other families in our same position right now. We are waiting to hear when we can meet our kids!

We have been so blessed by everyone around us. Our only needs are hand-me-down clothes. They just sent me these sizes.

Kaylie: 24 months through 2T, shoe size 5 to 5 1/2, size 3 diapers

Brett: mainly 3T, some 4T, shoe size 7, size 4 diapers at night

Chad: 4T & 5 clothing, 4T for pants/shorts is better, shoe size 8 1/2 or 9

Please don't spend any more money on us. Everyone has been so generous and we are so thankful! Hand-me-downs are perfect!

lots of love,