We all do wrong things sometimes!

Kaylie's favorite quote lately is, "We all do wrong things sometimes."

It seems I have taught them at least one thing over this last 22 months. She is such a little sweetie pie! It's so funny to hear your words come back at you and so precious also. When Kaylie gets in trouble, she gets so sad. She doesn't get mad...just super sad. Usually I can hear her muffled sobs coming out of her room before I even get in there to see her. I guess I gave her the same choice words just about every time she got a 'talking to'.

The other day I was pretty upset with Brett because he kept making the same mistake all morning...I can't even remember what it was. I felt bad about the way I handled it, so I came out to apologize to him for losing my temper. Kaylie overheard the conversation, so she walked over to me and put her hand on my back. She patted me a couple of times and said, "We all do wrong things sometimes, mom. You can do better next time." I must have reminded Kaylie of herself as I sat there with Brett, crying and asking for forgiveness. What a humbling experience and yet so encouraging.

I was feeling like a horrible mom at that moment and then Kaylie showed me that, even though I am not perfect and screw up all the time, my kids are still learning. My imperfections and sins do not have to hinder my children's growth.

Being honest with my kids about my own sin and asking forgiveness when I screw up allows them to see the proper way to handle a mistake.

Oh, how I hate those moments as a mother...and oh, how I love them.

Lord, continue to draw my children to yourself, despite my imperfect ways.