Counting to 1,000

It seems like Brett started getting really excited about counting super high when he was 4 1/2...Kaylie has followed that same pattern and Chad probably did too, but I didn't get sweet Chad until he had already turned 5. By that point he already knew how to count to 1,000.

So, today at lunch Kaylie was talking about how high she could count. She said she could count to 20 and didn't know how to count any higher than that. I explained that she could count higher if she wanted because its just like counting 1-10. Brett showed her for a while and then she had the hang of it. She was so proud and surprised to know that she actually could count way higher than she thought. I remember that moment with Brett, too. It's so cute how they follow in each other's footsteps!

Brett bragged that he could count to 1,000 and Kaylie was very excited to hear that and asked Brett to do it for her. I guess she forgot that about a year ago he did this almost every morning in the car...or at least as high as he could get before we got to school. I can only assume that Kaylie might be motivated to practice her counting for a while too...just like Brett did.

Anyways, Brett agreed to count to 1,000 for her. It went something like this:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16-thats when I get to drive, 17, 18. And then I started laughing when I realized what he had said. I especially laughed at how he just kept right on trucking through the rest of the numbers. He smiled that Brett smile at me and winked as he kept going. I love that he is already counting down to when he can drive...such a boy!

He has been winking lately. His new trademark. And, ladies, it will melt your heart. He was having some trouble listening on Tuesday mornings with his new teachers. So, I told the teachers to please hold him accountable by telling me if he was not listening the first time. I also gave them some pointers on handling my middle man because he can be a little tricky, but that's beside the point. Anyways, I stopped by during the break to check on his progress. I was ready to give him a quick 'pep talk' to get him back on track if needed. I leaned into his room and said, "How's it going?" They said to my delight, "Brett is making really good choices today!". I happily looked over at him and said, "Good job, buddy!". To which he gave only a smile and a wink. It was classic Brett and I will remember that look forever.

Another funny side note:

We were eating lunch when all of this counting was going on and my mind started to wonder to Chad and how he was doing today. God is really moving in him right now and I am often reminded to pray for him throughout the day. Well the Spirit moved and I felt the need to pray for Chad, so I interrupted Brett at 119 to see if he and Kaylie wanted to pray with me for Chad. They agreed, but Brett vocalized frustration at possibly having to start back at number 1. I assured him that we would remember where he was and he could start at 120 when we were done. Heads bowed. I prayed. And the second I said 'Amen' Brett continued 121, 122, 123.....and gave me that same smile and wink.

I love these kids!