'Dirty 30'

Oh My! What fun we had! I just loved celebrating with all of the best girls in the world! So much to be thankful for!

Thanks to everyone who joined me and Heather. Thanks to my fine husband who watched the kids while I went out on the town. Thanks to my mom for the new dress. Thanks to Miranda for a great show. Thanks to Jess for driving us around with her pregnant self! Thanks to Heather for doing life with me for 6 years now...nothing is too stupid to talk to you about, and I talk about some pretty stupid stuff sometimes!

Here are some highlights:

1. Heather bringing me a Sunkist while I was getting ready that night. ( I had been off caffeine for a while.) Heather, just so you know B and K also enjoyed the Sunny Delight...heehee.

2. Tara Stone for making last minute yummy cookies for my friends the night before the party. Have you tasted Tara's cookies? Call me for her number if you need the cutest, most delicious iced sugar cookies.

3. Getting sweet texts from some of my besties that couldn't make it as I was getting ready. We missed you guys. So sweet to think of me, even while you were away.

4. All of my friends wearing there dresses and boots! Loved it! People at Pappasito's were stopping and asking what kind of group we were, with all of us wearing boots. How could they not know Miranda was in town and obviously that is where we were headed!

5. Sooooo many laughs at dinner! I could hardly eat from laughing! I don't think I thought or even looked outside of my table the entire dinner...we might have been the only ones in there. How fun to not have to think about anyone else for a couple of hours!

6. Crazy ladies, pumped up about the concert all stuffed into my mini-van riding over to Billy Bob's! (Casey Riles is the world's greatest co-pilot in any situation...truly gifted!)

7. Holding hands and winding our 16 person line through the shoulder to shoulder crowd at Billy Bob's to find our seat. I kept looking behind me to make sure everyone was there and I could see that you guys were all laughing hysterically, just like me, at how ridiculous that was. I will never forget that.

8. Heather totally disregarding any and all rules, like always, and going under the rope in front of us to get drinks. Love the boldness, Heather! Thanks for the margarita!

9. Rocking out with Tiffany! And laughing at each other the whole concert...Doing a spin with Tiffany around the dance floor after the show...Tiffany twirling by herself for a second in the middle of the dance floor! Loved it! Thanks for being down for that, Tiff!

10. Walking Lauren to her car and having her drive me back to the group...14 spaces away!

11. Amber laughing at my jokes or maybe just at me from the back of the mini-van...I miss that girl! A-team forever!

12. And to top it all off, Brenda riding Kaylie's bike, which I mistakenly left in the back of the van) around the Billy Bob's parking lot!

So many sweet faces! I could just eat everyone up...so many memories...so much love. My best friends in the world, all at the same time. I could not stop smiling all night!

I will remember forever the night of the 'Dirty 30'!