Breaking out of the bubble

Having a child in public school has been just about the best way to break out of my safe little McKinney bubble. I love it! When we were deciding where to live, schools were one of the most important things we considered. Not which school has received the highest praise or which school has the most money, or even which school has the most kids who look just like my kids...but, Lord...which school would you have us be a part of?

After you have gone in and out of all of the reasons why you would prefer this school or that school, the last, final, and most important question is 'where does God want my child to attend and where does God want me to serve'? I spent so much time praying that exact thing before we made the decision to buy our house. I knew that this would be one of the most amazing opportunities to love others and represent my Lord that I would ever have. I actually think I got this one right.

It has taken me a while to get comfortable in this role as mom and especially in the role of mom-with-a-school-aged-kid, but what a rewarding experience.

Being on staff at the church for 4 and a half years now, it has been an honor to welcome, love and encourage young families. But I have to tell you, nothing has been more exciting to me than getting to know the staff and parents at Chad's school...people different from me, people who may or may not know the Lord, people of different faiths, a lot of people who would probably never enter through our church's doors or any other church's doors for that matter.

We are devoted as a family to represent the Lord in all walks of our life. We love serving our God at McKinney, but we also love serving our God outside of McKinney. Michael is coaching Brett and Chad's t-ball team this spring. The first practice is this Thursday night...more opportunity to love the families in our community!

God is really big and really cool!