Here Comes Trouble!

We heard last night that they plan to bring the kids to next Friday, September 12th! They are still confirming everything and we will hear finalized information on Monday. We are so excited and I really think that having this week to sort of process and think through everything is really good. A week is just the right amount of time...not too quick and not too far off.

We will have next weekend with all of them and then come Monday morning Chad is off to kindergarten! This is so scary for mommy because I feel very under-experienced in the whole elementary school scenario. Michael and I have been working through all of the logistics involved this morning already.

Michael is probably the most un-organized person I know, so keeping him focused on any sort of schedule is super hard. Also, he absolutely refuses to make decisions on the spot. He likes to think on them for a long while ususally. I asked him lots of questions already this morning and he finally just pooped out. He is having a nap right now. I guess all of that thinking and organizing can wear a guy out. We are trying to decide who will take the oldest to school, when we need to get his school supplies, school dress code name it! We will get it all figured out, we just might need to take several breaks for Michael to funny!

This is just another great reminder that sometimes I can be a little too much for the poor guy...especially in the last 6 months or so. I have organized, re-organized, packed stuff up, and then un-packed it about a hundred times. I think I am grasping for control in a situation that is completely out of my conrol. I just want to be as prepared as possible for this gigantic leap forward that my life is about to take. No carrying a child in my belly for 9 months, no having one infant enter our life first and then a gradual growth into a family of five. Next Friday, three kids ages 5, 3, and 2 will be dropped off at my house to come and live with me forever!

The only thing that keeps us moving forward in such an insane process is knowing most assuredly that we have been called to this by our Heavenly Father...most assuredly! I am so thankful for the clear direction that we have graciously been given. The first day that Jesse and Conner were taken Michael and I, in our grief and distress, questioned our decision. That was a Thursday, when they were taken, and by Sunday morning we were both ready to get back in the game. That doesn't mean that we were not still mourning our loss and that I haven't cried everyday for those boys. It just means that, regardless of the pain that we have experienced and may still experience in this process, God has put a call on our life and we will answer that call. Meeting Jesse and Conner only served to motivate us even more to be a part of what God is doing in the life of these precious children.

I will update everyone when I know exactly what time the kids will get here! Pray for us as we meet our kids for the first time!