Gregory in the Middle

So the other day, Brett did something...who knows what and I sent him to his room. Now, when they go in their room to chill out they are expected to sit still in the middle of the floor and remain calm. If they are not calm they will just stay longer. Anyways, Brett was being quiet and I thought it was about time to go get him, so I peeked in his room. He was sitting quietly in the middle of the floor, like always. I sat down in front of him and started to talk to him a bit about whatever it was he had done and I noticed that he had something in his mouth. I said, 'Brett, what is in your mouth?'. He said, 'I don't know'. So I said, 'Let me see it'. No was a toenail! So gross! I guess he had found it in the carpet next to him. I think daddy taught Chad how to clip his own nails last week. Apparently, he did not teach him how to clean up after. Why on earth my little man decided to put it in his mouth I will never understand? But that is my Brett! He does some of the weirdest things. At first, I was so grossed out that Brett got scared...and then we both ended up laughing hysterically.

Did I mention this is the kid who swallowed a penny he found on the playground last year at preschool? Find a penny on the playground...yes. Feel the need to taste it...why? Run with it in your mouth and freak your friends out when you fall and start gagging it down...really? When I picked him up that day, all of his friends were telling me that he choked and ate a penny. His teachers said a whole group of his friends went running and screaming up to them...scared to death that Brett was choking. I guess Brett thought he was pretty cool until he ended up accidentally swallowing the penny.

And the poor thing is the middle child...oh, the middle child. Not as tall or cool or smart or fast as his big brother, who he adores...naturally. Not as sweet and cute and pretty and adorable as his little sister, who annoys him...naturally. He is smack dab in the middle and has the bad attitude to prove it. He's got something, though. He doesn't know it or understand it...but he's got something. I just love my middle man! A total non-conformist, march to the beat of his own drum, 'you can follow me if you want but I don't really care I am just doing my thing kind of a kid'! He is truly a unique guy and I can't wait to see what God has in store for him!

That is my Brett Gregory Kashuba...Gregory in the Middle!