I have so many things to say, but no time to say them! Even my communication with Michael is slim to none these days. We are both so tired when we get a chance to talk that nothing seems to come out...even though I think all day long, "Man, I really need to tell Michael about this." I guess that is part of the whole thing. I am working and praying through ways to give myself more time each week. I really want to start jogging again and I don't even remember what a quiet time is. Journaling is such an important part of my life also, but I have not journaled since the kids came. I am starting to get creative, though. I will figure it out. I have to...for the health of me and my family.

Rest assured God is teaching me a million things a day right now. The trouble is I don't have time to write them down and I am probably forgetting 90% of it. Here are just a couple of the things I have learned:

1. Working mothers rock my face off!
2. Praise God for intercessory prayer!
3. "It takes a village" is very true and an amazing thing to watch happen.
4. Girls Night Out is easily the best thing I have ever heard of.
5. Michael is such a morning person! (and such not a night person)
6. Staying calm and in routine are keys to the success of my home.
7. People versus program for sure...even if your house is messier and dinner is
grilled cheese sandwiches. (kids love grilled cheese!)
8. Your eyes say everything.
9. I am hopelessly flawed as a mother, but completely forgiven by Jesus.
10. Motherhood is just like being a teacher, except you are not ever prepared in advance, well-rested, or as patient as you would like to be. Motherhood is teaching, but it is teaching-on-the-fly...while you are super busy and focused on something totally different than whatever you are asked to teach at that moment. You can't walk out of the classroom and go home to your quiet car and home. You can't spend time pondering the exact right way to present the lesson. You don't ever have the supplies that you would want to have to give your lesson. Wherever you are is now the classroom: grocery store, car, bathroom, bedroom, backyard, parking lot. I am so much more of a teacher now than I have ever been!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow,