Moving on...

I have officially made the decision to leave my church staff. I have worked as our church's nursery coordinator for four and a half years. It really has been a joy.

I love welcoming young families to our church and seeing them get plugged in. I love looking them in the eye and telling them that we are going to take good care of their babies. I love being the one who gets to greet every baby and every parent, every week, as they come down the nursery hall. I love knowing all their names. I love the people that help make the nursery possible...all of the nursery staff and their families.

I love all of this so much because this is how God chose to use me in His church. I love being on our church's team, but I love being on His team more!

When we got the kids 19 months ago, Michael and I considered the idea of me leaving staff...fully expecting that God would of course say that it was time for me to step down. The weird thing is, He didn't. It was the right decision for me to stay. And now it is the right decision for me to leave. Simply put, it is time.

Thanks to all of the families I served and to the rest of the church staff for making the last several years so amazing. And a special thanks to everyone who worked with me to take care of those little ones. You all mean so much to me and my family. You were always there for me professionally and personally and I will never forget.