We don't dwell on it, we excel on it.

This is a quote from Iditarod tonight...Michael's new obsession. It's something new every week with this guy. I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to share it.

All is well in our household. We are doing pretty good and having so much fun. The kids are getting really into playing baseball, so that is pretty exciting for us. You should see our little girl swing a bat, one-handed I might add. And the boys are having a blast...we do have a lefty which is super awesome.

At first it was hard to relax and actually enjoy them, which was weird for me. I never thought that relaxing and enjoying my children would be hard for me, but I really struggled. It seems like just last week or the week before I started to be able to really laugh at how hilarious they are. Boy how that changes everything! Laughter really is the best medicine!

Prayer requests for now would be:

Paperwork---I stink at it and our caseworker has to call me all the time. She is so sweet and I want to do a good job for her.

A buyer for our house---the duplex is great, but it is way past time to upgrade the accomodations.

Where to live---once the house is sold, we will need to buy and we have no idea where to buy next...Fort Worth, SW Arlington, Kennedale, Rendon...and don't even get me started on the neighborhoods!