Gathering my thoughts

The best part about Tuesday afternoons is nap time. The little ones and I come home, eat lunch, and then they both lay down for some needed rest after their big morning at church. When the kids go down, mommy gets to do whatever she wants for about an hour and a half, usually. I am trying to be disciplined to do more than just chores during nap time. There are plenty of chores that could take up my whole break if I let them. At least half of the time I try to devote to reading, writing, watching t.v., or just sitting quietly and staring---which is actually one of my very favorite things to do.

Today, I read some of my old blog posts and stared at the wall. I find that my thoughts get so overloaded in my brain these days because I do not have as much time to process as I used to have. It's like the only cure for an overloaded brain is sitting and staring for a while....just organizing and filing my thoughts away. If my brain was a desk it would be completely crazy with piles all over and no filing need for jokes about my actual desk right now---that's just too easy.

My physical body has caught up to all of the extra work that comes with having 3 kids. Now, I am just waiting for my brain to catch up.