Our duplex overfloweth!

Thank you for all of your prayers! It has been a great transition! I think the kids were just as ready to meet their forever mommy and daddy as we were ready to meet them! It's actually weird how natural and easy it has been. We are a crazy circus over here, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

The oldest had his first day in his new kindergarten class today. We prayed with him Sunday night that God would help him and that he would remember that Jesus was always with him. It was just precious to see the look on his face when the teacher walked him out to the car and exclaimed, "He had a great first day mom!" He was so proud and so was I! For a reward Michael took him to get a library card and even got him a wallet to put his card in. He loves reading books, helping with dinner, and getting special time with mommy and daddy. His smile and laugh are contagious!

The middle child is the investigator in the bunch. He has opened or tried to open every drawer, cabinet, you name it, in our entire house. Thank goodness for those baby locks. If there is something dangerous within a mile radius I think he will be the one to find it. We were wondering in the woods behind my mom's house and he found an ant hill with ants crawling all over it...he stared at it intently for like 15 minutes...so funny. He also had fun picking up sticks and digging in the dirt. Also, he is super sneaky...you gotta watch this kid around play-doh. He has the biggest brown puppy dog eyes and he knows how to use them!

And then there is our little girl. She is just a little thing, but she holds her own pretty well against the boys. Her favorite word is "no" spoken in several different tones...pouty "no", silly "no", playful "no", and mad "no". She even cries the word "no". I think once her vocabulary gets a little bigger the use of this particular word may decrease a bit. She does love to cuddle and have mommy or daddy all to herself. Her tiny voice and big smile will melt you!

They are all completely adorable, yet totally different, and we are just thrilled!

Michael was off to work yesterday and he probably called 100 times. You should have seen the madhouse when he got home! It was like wrestle-mania 5000 and I nearly cried for joy at the sight of him! That last hour is pretty ridiculous with all 3 here and trying to get dinner ready. Michael is the most amazing dad and I truly love and adore him! He is so helpful and understanding. We are a great team! Except last night when he couldn't read my mind and I was too tired to speak...room to grow!

Love all of you,