My Own Personal Revival

That is the only thing I can call it. I can't figure out just when things started to shift...I don't know maybe it had something to do with leaving my position on staff at the church, going on a family mission trip to Mexico, and staying at home all day every day with all 3 of my rascals for that last month of the summer...anyways I have been involved in some inner turmoil that I am not so used to.

I have sought the Lord consistently through out, but all 3 of those adjustments happening at the exact same time did a number on me. It has been hard, but the result is an amazing, painful, joyful, EMOTIONAL, confusing, useful, and ultimately solid place with the Lord. Yet again, I am surprised by how great my God is. Why is it that I keep getting surprised? I should just know by now. Don't you think he probably delights in surprising us with His greatness. It just keeps getting better!

Isn't it amazing how your peace of mind can come back with no change at all in your just doesn't make's a's my God.