My kids are growing up!

Brett said tonight that he wanted to build a spaceship out of play-doh, fly to outer space, live there with his wife and kids and build paper airplanes. Wow, I can't wait to share that at his wedding!

Kaylie said that she was going to pick the boy who loved God to marry...that a girl Kaylie! I asked her how she would decide which 'boy who loved God' to marry because there may be several. She said she would pick 'the special one' that. I asked her how she would know he was special. And she said she would know him because of his heart. Precious wisdom from my 4 year old princess!

Chaddy insists that he doesn't like girls, but blushes every time he sees one of the girls in his class outside of sweet.

My kids have grown up so much in 2010!

Happy New Year everybody!