Committed to Community

So...since I have been off of staff for about 5 and a half months and we have adjusted to my new schedule, etc. We thought it was time to shake things up again. Just kidding, we don't really try to shake things up on purpose! Basically, Michael and I have felt led to be involved in a church closer to our home for a long time. While being on staff it was never an option, but we both always kind of felt that one day we would make the transition. Honestly, I was scared to do it when I first left staff. I was already going through so much change, so we decided to wait a bit...maybe a year or so we thought.

This last month or two the Lord just kind of burdened me with it though, so I talked to Michael and we began to pray for clarity. We have decided to commit to finding a new church, one in our community. We are quite at home at McKinney in every way, but we desire to have a church and relationships that are down the street, rather than down a major highway and in another town. Please know that if McKinney was down the street from us, we would absolutely be delighted to continue our worship there. Our only reason for leaving is geographic.

We desire to be a part of what God is doing in SW Arlington. For so long now our ministry and our community has been divided between SW Fort Worth and SW Arlington. With SW Fort Worth getting the better part, sad to say. We are choosing to seek the kind of community we have always wanted: where Michael's work, our church, our kid's school, and our home are all in the same place. We feel like now is our chance.

For now me and Brett and Kaylie will remain at ELC. Brett goes to Kindergarten next year anyways. I think I will also continue to be a part of the women's Bible study on Tuesday mornings, at least until I find something comparable here in Arlington. I think this will be a super slow transition, considering how many ties we will still have at all of my friends and B and K's school and my teaching position. We don't plan on falling completely out of the picture just yet, if ever.

We know it will take a long time to rebuild what we have had at McKinney and that it will be a lonely journey, but we are excited about all that God has for us right here in our neighborhood! God is good and He is at work in Arlington, just like He is at work in Fort Worth!

Seeking His will,