Reading again...

Reading some great stuff right now including: Beth Moore's Believing God, and Dr. Les Carter's The Anger Trap. I am also going through The Gospel-Centered Life on Tuesday mornings this semester. God is really digging in right now!

"She actually felt very close to her mother and had admired her for the way she worked hard to overcome the potential problems that would come to a single mom. She wanted her mother to be proud of her, and she certainly did not want to be an additional burden, so she was careful as a girl and young adult not to be a nuisance. Since her mom did not talk openly about personal matters, it was easy for Connie to go about her responsibilities with no fanfare and keep her feelings to herself."

Dr. Carter is explaining how 'Connie' came to suppress her anger, rather than dealing with it appropriately. He goes on to say, "Somewhere along the way they (people who suppress anger) concluded that nothing good can result from emotional transparency, so in the adult years they cringe when potential problems arise. They may actually convince themselves that a stoic or stiff approach to conflict is good. Pain is seemingly averted, yet it is only compounded."

Very, very interesting...this book has been fascinating. I guarantee you will see a bit of yourself in this book and it will benefit you and your relationships.

I am only through 3 chapters and I am already recommending it.


p.s. My mom is stinkin' amazing! I do want to make her proud and she tells me every chance she gets that I do! Love you momma!