A whisper...

A whisper....that's how it begins. It's something in the back of your conscience that is easy to ignore. Does it really matter if you acknowledge the whisper? Perhaps it was something mumbled during your day, or perhaps the whisper had been waiting for such a time and place to be heard. I once read, 'God whispers to us'. Simple enough. He doesn't choose to yell over the noise, but rather sits and whispers. His whisper may be correction or it may be instruction, but one thing is for certain...those words were meant for that person. Perhaps that is why He doesn't yell...he wants it to be an intimate conversation, not a public discussion. For the past year and a half Amanda and I have been listening to a whisper from God. His sweet words are refreshing and encouraging. His words speak of hope and joy. His words give wisdom and provide peace.

So what happens when you listen to a whisper? For one thing your ears become more sensitive. Just as a little child leans in to hear a story from his grandfather, so too we have leaned in to listen for His direction. His words become louder and more definitive. Words that re-affirm the calling of our souls. Adoption...a word that seemed so foreign has become the calling of our hearts. To love children the way that Christ has loved us by adopting us into his family.

We are confident of this calling...not because of our own ability but because of the sovereign God who knows us personally and who has prepared us adequately for His calling. Our job....continue to listen to the whisper.