Bragging on those Babies!

Today, September 12th, 2010, marks 2 years to the day since these little cuties made there home with us. And what a home it is!

We celebrated them tonight through stories and prayers and lots of laughter over what they were like when we first met them. Isn't it great to get to the point where you can laugh at how horrible things were. Thank you Lord for that! Lord, can you remind me that again tommorow when I am annoyed to the point of tears. You will laugh at this one day Amanda! Because it is so true! Oh, how I love to laugh!

side note...too cute not to tell:

Every time we pray as a family, Brett ends up thanking God for somebody's 'silly-ness'. "Thank you God for Chad and his 'silly-ness'." "Thank you God for Daddy and his 'silly-ness'." You get the idea.

Tonight, Brett started his prayer off like this, "Thank you God for Clover and her 'silly-ness'." "And thank you for when she sits on the couch and looks at me like that."...followed by the cutest giggle in the wide world. I knew when I heard that giggle that Brett was remembering some special way that Clover looks at him and he loves that certain look so much that he thanked God for it...PRECIOUS!

I love that my kids love my dog as much as me! By the way, Clover is my dog.

Thank you God for BRETT and his silly-ness! This kid lives for a good laugh. What's not to love about that!

I am one blessed mommy!