on my heart today...

I was thinking a lot about the people we met in Mexico today. Musgrave's, Colorado's, Hower's, Pastor Eric and family, along with all of those young adults who served so well while I was there----You were lifted up this morning. I pray for all of you to be encouraged today and every day. You are doing an amazing work unto our Lord! Keep fighting the fight! You are not alone in your work in Mexico. We are standing with you!

Wisdom from a seasoned missionary and a man who has walked with the Lord for a long time:

I asked one of the missionaries what somebody like me could do to help support the work of the missionaries in Mexico and the cause for Christ there and he immediately said, "We need accountability. Missionaries are sinners just like the rest." They desire more than just our funds. They desire relationship. We should be spurring them along as they spur us along. He followed that comment with this, "A guy can write an amazing prayer letter and not being doing a whole lot of anything."

He encouraged us to actually know the people we support; visit them; see what they are up to. Maybe all of us here in America just trust too much the people we support, or maybe we are just lazy to actually take the time to get to know them and see what they are really up to. It's much easier to just check our generosity box off than it is to personally invest ourselves in a missionary or a mission.

This was a pretty sobering reality for us and also a great opportunity for me to share the wise thoughts of a man who I admire.

Hope it challenges you too,