Crazy Mommy Moment

I had one of those the Target check-out line. Picture this: Kaylie in the front part of the shopping cart that faces me, Brett in the back part of the cart. It was just like any other day, just waiting patiently in the line. Kaylie starts screaming hysterically, which was the weirdest thing. I look down and her little arm was caught in between 2 of the bars on the shopping cart....SO WEIRD! She had reached behind her for some reason and had gotten her arm through those bars, past her elbow. When she went to pull it back out, she had turned it over and it was pinched and totaly stuck in between the bars.

I thought for sure it would just pull out, so I went to straighten her arm and gently remove it from between the bars. Of course every time I touched her arm she tensed up and started to become even more hysterical. I was trying to calm her down because she was making it so much harder. Brett finally looks up and happens to see her little arm all red and squished and then he starts crying. He was so scared to see her that way...kind of sweet, but really Brett!

Needless to say it was so hard to focus on the arm while both my babies were completley freaking out. I think Kaylie thought she was never getting out of that shopping cart...she was totally panicked.

I tried several ways to get her arm out and it would not budge. I kept thinking, 'this is like one of those brain teaser puzzles'. I have never been good at those and now with all the pressure of freeing Kaylie's arm while both of my children are screaming hysterically...IT WAS CRAZY!

Finally after what felt like an eternity (probably only 2-3 minutes), I was able to figure out how to free the arm. Poor Kaylie! When I had her in my arms and she had death grip around my neck and everyone was calm, I looked up and the entire staff of Target had gathered around, along with several passers-by. I had a whole audience watching me work that out! I had no idea!

On top of all of that, now I had to pay for my items which had been rung up during the commotion I guess. My heart was racing the whole time and then on the way out tears started welling up in my eyes too! And then I could not stop laughing. It was really quite funny!

Anyways, mommy saved her! It's moments like that, I will never forget and I don't think Kaylie and Brett will either!

Super Mommy, off to save another child from disaster!