Smelly Closet Quiet Times

11pm at night.
Michael fast asleep in our bed.
Brett asleep in the boys room.
Kaylie asleep in her room.
Chad asleep on the couch because he wasn't feeling good.
Clover, our dog asleep in the playroom.
In my husband's closet...
Which is located in our master bath...
The actual bathroom light is off, of course,
Because if 1 tiny sliver of light touches Michael's sleeping face
He will wake up mad.

And so I found the only light possible for me to read the 'good book' last night...inside Michael's closet.


Funniest part - I am actually super excited to have discovered that little oasis in the night. I can read late at night (which I LOVE to do) And NO ONE is disturbed! Now I just need to put some comfy pillows in there and get some deoderizers for Michael's shoes! Win - Win!