The Death-Defying Drop

Have you ever been on a roller coaster where you go up and down a few hills and in the back of your mind you start gripping the handles a little tighter, knowing that a big hill is just out of site? It's amazing how fast emotions changes. We are soooo excited knowing that God has picked out some kids just for us. We've been up and down some hills with the various trials of life (infertility, loneliness, insecurities). Little did we know that God had placed something like adoption in the path of our life, and I'm so grateful that He did. God's grace and timing is so amazing. If we were to stand in line and see the large death-defying drop we may have backed out of the line (at least I know I would have.) God in His mercy has used the ups-and-downs along the way to prepare us for adoption. My emotions are bouncing off the walls. It's been hard to sleep at night knowing that our kids are out there, and are probably going through the biggest death-defying drop of their life, in a much different way from us.

We are excited and anxious. /They are probably scared and fearful.
We're ready to have them in our home. /They don't know where home is anymore.
We worry about life's minimal decisions. /They're fighting for their lives.

God in His mercy and wisdom uses opposites to strengthen each other and minimize weaknesses. It's just like in marriage. Amanda is strong in areas that I'm weak in, and I'm strong in areas that Amanda is weak in. But're dangerous. Our prayer is that we will compliment our children in the same way...providing what they need. We can look forward with confidence knowing how God has provided in the past. Like Paul, who when given the chance to speak, spoke boldy and confidently, often reciting God's provision for the nation of Israel and himself. He remembered his past and it helped him to be bold in his present. What confidence we can have, knowing that God has walked with us, carried us, and walks before us know.

-We have completed all the necessary paperwork and are lacking only fingerprinting, a homestudy and a picture book (to give to our agency, the state, and our kids.) We are hoping to have everything done by April 25th.

Things you can pray for:
-That are homestudy is complete before April 25th. We are going on a little weekend trip on April 25th, sort of our last trip together before parenthood. It would be amazing to be done with all of the hard stuff before then.
-Wisdom, patience, and rest as we wait on the Lord!