More News

Okay...the kids will be here at 10am on Friday. Michael is taking off of work for Friday to be here with us. Their caseworker is bringing them over. I am sure we will be looking out the front blinds and then we will greet them on the front step. Basically, we will watch them get out of the car and that will be the first time we will have ever seen about walking by faith!

I am planning on staying home with the two youngest this first week for sure and then playing it by ear to see when we should put them in their ELC classes.

We have heard that the oldest is very curious and articulate. I think he asks a lot of questions. The middle child is very shy and quiet. Today we found out that the little girl can have a bit of an attitude...feisty like her momma! All of the kids have blonde hair. We are just ready to meet them and see for ourselves what they are like.

Oh yeah, they have used the word "active" to describe our kids also! We're perfect for each other!

The rest of this week I will be preparing everything at work for my absence, visiting the oldests new school, buying school supplies, and probably cleaning like crazy.

This whole thing is emotionally very draining. I am so excited, and yet I am reminded of Jesse and Conner. God be with those sweet boys and prepare us for this next adventure.